What is LANGUAGE! Live?

LANGUAGE! Live is a comprehensive blended literacy solution that combines foundational and advanced learning skills with digital and teacher-led instruction to significantly improve reading and writing skills for adolescent students.


  • Struggling readers excel with two times literacy gains to close the gap faster than with any other literacy product.
  • Online Word Training fills gaps students missed in earlier grades.
  • Uses innovative technology to strengthen foundational skills.
  • Leverages teacher guidance for close reading of challenging, relevant texts.
  • Merges leading-edge research and data-driven assessment in a unique, motivational, classroom-tested approach.
  • Meets students where they are and gets them where they need to be.
  • Provides the flexibility to implement in any classroom.
  • It can be taught in blended-class models, single-class models, or as a standard model where students work online and with teacher-led instruction every day.


Motivating for Every Student

Students are immediately engaged in a dynamic social environment. They interact with and respond to peer coaches, who are relatable and engaging. This process helps students build confidence, stay engaged and on task. Watch the video to see examples of captivating and age-appropriate content offered by LANGUAGE! Live.


LANGUAGE! Live offers more features in one comprehensive solution—without restrictive purchasing options, hosting fees, or costly add-ons.

  • Blended online/teacher model
  • Data-driven teacher instruction
  • Personalized and self-paced online instruction
  • Research-based, latest research
  • Comprehensive writing instruction
  • Dynamic social media environment for engagement
  • Easy implementation
  • Teacher support, training, and professional development included
  • Teaches foundational skills
  • Quickly moves students to more advanced skills
  • Robust language development/grammar strands
  • Affordable, straightforward pricing
  • High-interest and age-appropriate content