Proven to Build Foundational Skills for Reading Fluency

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What is Stepping Stones to Literacy?

Stepping Stones to Literacy is an effective, research-based program for early learners who have been identified as at risk for reading failure.


Students learn foundational skills for reading fluency and a framework for reading comprehension is established


Builds basic phonemic awareness skills through listening, letter naming, phonological awareness, and serial processing


Provides small-group or individual student instruction


Proven, research-based principles help below-benchmark readers


Dual-language prompts for Spanish-speaking students


ESSA evidence level: Strong

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Who Benefits from Stepping Stones to Literacy?

Stepping Stones to Literacy benefits preK learners and students in grades K–1 who have been identified as “at risk” for reading failure. Solution features include:

  • More than 20 intensive, interactive lessons
  • Instructor’s Manual and Lesson Book
  • Spanish-language prompts in every lesson


Evidence Based

Stepping Stones to Literacy is a scientifically based (i.e., a randomized experimental study used to validate its effectiveness) early literacy intervention. The program includes the critical properties of effective early literacy interventions identified by the NICHD’s National Reading Panel (2000).

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