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Math Standards, Research, and the Making of a Curriculum: Evidence-Based Practices from the IES Guide

It has always been a game of catch up. New math standards often appear before there’s enough research to support them. Fortunately, we are a decade out from the last major changes to standards at the state and national levels. Research is catching up, particularly at the elementary and middle school levels.

This presentation will describe findings from a recent federal research synthesis that gives specific guidance for students who struggle in the elementary grades. These findings also have implications for middle school students. Finally, the presentation will provide examples of how standards and research have been embedded in a middle school intervention curriculum.

Participants will learn:

  • Why there is an understandable gap between standards and supporting research
  • Key recommendations supported by high-quality research for math interventions and elementary and middle school
  • What these recommendations look like in an intervention curriculum

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Dr. John Woodward
Dr. John Woodward
Author of TransMath®

Dr. John Woodward is a nationally recognized mathematics author, writer, and speaker. He is the past dean of the school of education and professor emeritus at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA.

As a researcher, he focused on mathematics interventions for academically low-achieving students, particularly in elementary and middle grades. Dr. Woodward has published more than 80 articles and presented on mathematics education issues throughout the U.S., as well as in Canada, Asia, and Europe. He is the senior author of TransMath, a math intervention program for middle school students. He also is the co-developer of NUMBERS, a math professional development program for K–8 teachers.

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