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Reading Intervention for Middle School English Learners: Changing the Trajectory

For our middle school English Learners, special considerations must be made based on the stages of language acquisition, literacy levels in their native language, and support needed to learn to read and write in English. As an educator, are you doing everything possible to change the trajectory of literacy challenges into success?

During this informative and eye-opening presentation, Dr. Antonio Fierro—an esteemed literacy expert and an English Learner himself—will illustrate why teachers of older English Learners must be diagnostic in nature with their approach to reading intervention. Attendees will also learn:

  • To apply techniques that build on language components
  • Why a Structured Literacy approach is essential for grades 5–8
  • The language elements necessary to teach academic vocabulary and improve oral and written discourse 
  • How small-group and age-appropriate intervention succeeds when other approaches may not

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Antonio Fierro
Dr. Antonio Fierro
Literacy Expert and English Language Educator

During his respected career, Dr. Antonio Fierro has been able to apply his many years in the classroom and as a literacy expert to help schools and districts teach reading to every student, regardless of previous experience or native language. His vast experience contributes invaluable insight into their products and services. Dr. Fierro is a former Texas State Teacher of the Year and was a member of the LETRS cohort of literacy consultants led by Dr. Louisa Moats for almost 20 years.

Dr. Fierro has contributed to several literacy curricula for English learners along with Tools 4 Reading President Dr. Mary Dahlgren. He is the co-author of Kid Lips, their curriculum that teaches the articulatory features of English phonemes to young children with additional support for English learners. His areas of interest include early literacy instruction, improving the learning experience of pre-service teaching candidates, and the research and practice that impacts English learners. Dr. Fierro is also dedicated to advancing the knowledge base and understanding of dyslexia and other reading disabilities as his son, Antonio Jr., has dyslexia. Dr. Fierro currently sits on the board of The Reading League and is the Vice President of Academics and Professional Learning with 95 Percent Group.

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