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Planning Authentic Literacy: Become a Pro at Classroom Engagement

Released: May 3, 2023

For teachers and administrators who contemplate how to make literacy learning more engaging—where the entire classroom is participating and learning with joy—look no further than this inspiring and instructive webinar.

Hosted by Trevor Muir, a teacher and international speaker, this presentation will show you how to tie literacy and a love of reading into authentic and engaging learning experiences. Muir, author of The Epic Classroom and a guest speaker and consultant to schools across the country, will explore strategies and practices to help students grow as readers and critical thinkers while completing purposeful tasks. Muir will share how to plan literacy activities during projects, ways to weave literacy learning into everything you do in the classroom, and strategies for teaching reading and writing in engaging and authentic ways.

Attendees will:

  • Discover new strategies to increase a love of reading in their students
  • Get new ideas to boost student engagement
  • Learn how to choose authentic supportive texts for learning units



Trevor Muir
Trevor Muir
Teacher, Author, International Speaker, and Project-Based Learning Expert

Trevor Muir is a teacher, author, international speaker, and project- based learning expert. He is the author of The Epic Classroom: How to Boost Engagement, Make Learning Memorable, and Transform Lives, a book about using the power of story to make learning engaging and unforgettable. Trevor is a professor at Grand Valley State University, a former faculty member for the Buck Institute for Education and is one of the Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation educators. His writing has been featured in the Huffington Post, EdWeek, and regularly on WeAreTeachers. He gave a TEDx Talk titled, "School Should Take Place in the Real World," at TEDxSanAntonio. Trevor's Facebook page, The Epic Classroom, has inspiring videos that have been viewed over 25 million times. At the heart of Trevor's work is the conviction that every student has the potential for greatness, and every teacher can be equipped to unlock that potential.

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